BEST Beginner Muscle Building/Strength Program: Day 2 Full Body



Wednesday BACK HEAVY

A Bent-Over Row (Overhand) 4 Sets 4-6 Reps Rest 90-120 sec

B Underhand Pulldown 4 sets 4-6 reps Rest 90-120 sec

C Snatch Grip Deadlift 4 Sets 4-6 reps Rest 90-120 sec

D Barbell Lunge 4 Sets 4-6 reps/side Rest 90-120 sec

E Incline Benchpress 3 Sets 6-8 Reps Rest 75-90 sec

F Standing Dumbell Overhead Press 3 Sets 6-8 Reps Rest 75-90 sec

G Skullcrushers 3 Sets 6-8 Reps (STRICT FORM) Rest 60-75 sec inbetween


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  1. OmarIsuf

    @Marvincaseymc 100% I'm doing a video like this for the new year, about me, my training experience and goals for 2012, thanks for the support as always!

  2. OmarIsuf

    @realgeneralful Yeah, tyrosine is tricky because in higher doses it works best as a pre-workout supplement for concentration. Too much in your powder before bed and you might have trouble sleeping! I'd say do NOT supplement with tyrosine by itself if your protein powder is so high. Then again the label might be wrong. In MY opinion, what I do is if I want another amino acid MORE than others (like glutamine for my stomach), I do a custom mix on True Protein with that amount if that makes sense

  3. OmarIsuf

    @JeymesPech Thanks brother, well basically I've NEVER shown on Youtube any muscle building progress because I have not been focusing on it. From 2009-2010 I was doing modelling (don't hate), Jan. 2010-Sept.2011 I was doing fat loss programs, and to get fat, I had to focus on low rep strength etc. Really the results you see are from the 3 months of my size training principles and 2012 will be the year of size (although I will do a mini-cut to get a little more lean before). Thannks :)

  4. cautionfire

    @OmarIsuf Love your videos! what is you opinion on rep range and getting bigger? A lot of people are divided between 6-8 and 10-12 to gain mass. I've even heard a lot of guys saying 4-6. I know lower reps are more geared towards building raw strength and higher is better for endurance but what about size and definition?

  5. Ashraf Ali

    love the videos man keep it up btw my goal is lose fat and i wanna use strength training wat kind of routine should i use and sort of diet. ps i am 14 and my body fat percentage is. around 24%

  6. DirkDigglerbig1

    Thank for this routine!!! I looked all over YouTube for a routine and this one is the only one that made sense!!! Thank you. Allready did the beginner Monday and today the Wednesday beginner!!!

  7. ctw10wilso

    hey omar, would you call me a beginner? I've been working out for a little over 5 months, and I haven't gained 100 lbs. on my bench or really any of my lifts. More like 50lbs. My question is, should I drop what I'm doing now and switch to this, or is there a different workout plan of yours. Thanks

  8. OmarIsuf

    dude 1st CONGRATS with your gains. 2nd, this is always the program I recommend to dudes in your situation. For now just do this workout, the free version, its awesome

  9. ctw10wilso

    Thanks so much for responding. A lot of fitness channels don't respond to people, and my last question is, how long should I do this routine before switching to an advanced one. Oh, and since you shouldn't go to failure, how do I determine the weight to use? I've been doing my 4 day split routine and my chest has totally plateaued because I used to go to failure, I'm definitely giving this a shot. Sorry to ask so many questions, but I could really use the help. Thanks

  10. OmarIsuf

    No worries dude. 1st get on my Facebook Page, that way your questions will always be answered. 2nd, this routine is meant to be done for four weeks before switching to another progression. For where you are, you can do this for 8 weeks. You determine the weight to use by ensuring you complete all reps nice and clean, you should still have "one" left in the tank. Focus on form and acceleration. This means going down initially in weight. Once you dominate the weight, go up in the weight you use :)

  11. Ashutosh Kushwaha

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  12. Nabin Paudel

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  13. Nabin Paudel

    Hello, have you heard of "MuscLeader" (look on Google)? On their website you will find a good free video explaining the best way to develop visible muscle mass easily whilst shedding fat at the same time. Chris and many other guys had good success using this approach. Hopefully it works for you too…

  14. SH24

    Do full body 2-3x week and cardio (HIIT is the best – on non lifting days) 2-3x week. Also eat less so with diet+exercise you can do a 500 calorie deficit every day. Strength training is necessary for maintain muscle mass, calorie deficit is needed to burn fat.

  15. Bhagawat Koirala

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  16. Abel Maguiña

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  17. Gless2012

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