Midday MUSCLE BUILDING Foods – 5 Healthy High Protein Snacks


More Healthy MUSCLE BUILDING Snacks:

When it comes to building muscle you’ve probably been told that your ultimate results are dependent on your nutrition in large part. Well, the meals that trips most guys up on their path to more muscle are the midday and midmorning snacks. In this video I show you 5 healthy snacks that you can use that are not only easy to prepare but have the right protein content in them to keep you from losing the muscle you’ve been working out hard to build.

Some of the keys to a good muscle building snack are that they have to be the following:

– High in protein
– Contain some carbs
– Must be portable
– Must be easy to prepare (minimal prep time)
– Must be able to be eaten quickly and discreetly

It’s this last point that most healthy snacks miss. Sometimes you work a job that doesn’t allow you to take a designated lunch time. When that’s the case you have to be able to eat on the run and sometimes continue on with work while you do it.

Things like the protein shake that you can sip on without making a big deal out of it, the turkey jerky and finger food grape tomatoes does the same thing. Protein bars (particularly the ones not loaded in sugar that make great muscle building meal options) are always great since they are super portable.

Look, most guys want to build a bigger body, develop more muscle and look better and they do every chest workout, back workout, and six pack abs workout they can to do it, but they overlook the most important component that must be there if they are to ever see the results of their workout efforts…and that is great nutrition.

Start with these 5 healthy muscle building high protein snacks and then head to to get the “X”-Factor meal plan that comes with the 90 day workout program that provides you with 40+ more options for building muscle with even more breakfast, lunch and dinner options! If you want to look like an athlete, you’ve got to eat like an athlete. Now you can!


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  1. Nasosdag

    I agree with all the tips! However I'd find a good recipe for homemade protein bars (there are plenty available online) and I'd stick to them, rather than paying for expensive commercially available bars. And it's not just the price, but they put a lot of crap in these things.

    Also, I love jerky, but I wanted to ask sth: isn't it high in salt? 

  2. GeneticWarfare

    carbs can be bad when your cutting. To keep up your energy and be more full just eat more fruits and veggies that have natural carbs and wont fatten you up like (bread)

  3. kaosj3

    You are by far the best trainer I have seen whether it'd be on the net or real life. Thanks so much for your advice, program and video. I have a question regarding the nutrition plan. I am only given a lunch break at work, and eating 5 extra meals is not possible for me. How do I make the program work for me then please?


  4. Annette F. Pyle

    In two month from now on, you certainly can easily obtain 10 lbs in muscle mass & get rid of 5 – 10 lbs in fat. You just need an effective workout plan, correct eating plan & begin right now.

  5. Thomas Le (Kitty Swag)

    Jeff, highly enjoy your vids. They are most informative. That being said, have to disagree with you on your suggestions here. If you want to have a lean body with 6 pack abs you have to cut the sugar. Most of these processed foods here are loaded with sugar. Typical protein bar or protein power has anywhere from 15-50grams of sugar. People don't realize that that is equivalent to putting 15-50 sugar packs into a coffee. Protein bars and protein power due hell to your disgestive system. Not mention all the loaded sugar. Even if it says it's low in sugar it filled with Aspartame or Sucralose which is even worse for your body. If you want quick protein snacks:

    -Organic plain greek yogurt. Avoid putting in hormones and antibiotics that are injected into the animals that wind up in your food by going organic. Add blueberries or strawberries if you must. Flavored yogurt is filled with sugar.
    -Organic Turkey Jerky. Even careful here. It is loaded with salt. Use in moderation and not everyday
    -Raw Organic Almonds/Shelled Sunflower seeds. Great to have as a last meal better bed. You should have your Protein/Fats meal before bed and Protein/Carbs meals during day.

    The fact of the matter is there is not an abundance of quick solutions for healthy high protein meals. Prepare your meals early before you go into work. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and could be mixed with avocados, tomatoes, spices, etc. It's one of few foods that has the complete amino acid spectrum that is not an animal. Put it into a glass container and then into your lunch bag to stay fresh.

    Stay clear of the processed sugar and guaranteed you will see a difference in not only how lean you can get, but also how better your skin is. To learn more information about how sugar effects the body watch Sugar: The Bitter Truth on youtube. Has over 4 million views, and is quite mind opening.

  6. ShyBoy6ty9

    Not a nutritious meal, but when I was in high school, in my morning class (English, for anyone who may care), one of my classmates brought in a small bottle of milk, a bowl, spoon, and a box of cereal. Sat there and ate it in the middle of class. lmao


    Hard boil 6 eggs the night before. Take the yolks out after shelling them…they'll stay cold in ur lunch box. For carbs bring 1 slice of whole wheat bread. But use 2 cold blocks…one won't be enough. Also look into quinoa and sprinkle some olive oil and low fat cheddar on it…..you can also keep that cold. Oh and don't tell me you don t like the smell or taste of eggs…..if you want to look good…ur gonna need them. Cheap and easy protein. Doesn't get better than that. Protein packed for the next day.

  8. Jim Doddy

    Jeff can you do a video about when to take supplements. I don't know when the best time to take my amino acids and after I workout I eat my lunch so should I take my post workout with my meal???? Just a video about when to take supplements and combining with meals or not would be helpful

  9. April Espinoza

    I love the idea of cereal with nuts. I'm in class all day 3x a week and I can relate to your previous situation. Not to mention, carb loaded snacks get tiring and are definitely unfilling.


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