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  1. Thom Seehafer

    yeah, its ALL in the protein smoothie he drinks………………..ummmmm YEAH! great job though, however it was accomplished–aesthetically appealing and , well at least, the upper body looks good–do we ever get to see the quads, hamstrings and calves?

  2. Johnny Aingel

    love it all you sound Australian are british when you talk I love it and we eat almost the same and your weight is perfect and your body is perfect I have met franco columbo and frank zane in many others and you have a awesome body–love and respect

  3. vorrei1stonza

    That program +Pootie Tang is one of the best gain muscle program in the
    entire internet products. I also like the  way Ben Pakulski customized
    the program  which made me use extensive data regarding  my unique
    body shape and this is definitely  the most customized nutrition and
    exercise program ive tried so far.

  4. ColJochen

    You have solid development for your age. Don't blow it taking tons of gear. I suspect your on some kind of gear (and I don't care), but unless I can prove it I will give you the benefit of the doubt, But if you are..don't go crazy with that shit. You will fuck your whole endocrine system up. 

  5. Willie Daniels

    I have always like you delro hamesom
    Plus I like Boston my hero Ben franklin is from Boston give them lib
    Freedom if they can key
    Keep it he left Boston for my hometown of Philadelphia and the Kennedy who I like and have great respect

  6. Buy Urboard

    Hey Sen Kook, Shut your weak mouth and go watch the View. Those bitches wine almost as much as you do. If you don't like it, use your fat retarded finger to click a different video. Cock mouth woos.

  7. firecoyote ross

    No Jennifer, not all cows are grass fed, hay, milo, alfalfa ect.. Good videos keep them going don't worry about the haters, they wouldn't be watching your videos if they weren't envious . Keep doing what your doing


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