Vitamin D Can Help to Build Stronger Bones and Eliminate Fatty Tissue.

vitamin D

Vitamin D has been in the news a great deal lately and it seems as if the good news about this nutrient keeps rolling in. Recently a research team of endocrinologists from Stanford University discovered that vitamin D is a very powerful anti-oestrogen. Not only does it contain power in its own right, but it tends to enhance the effects which are received from other anti-oestrogens such as letrozole, exemestane, and arimidex.

What makes this remarkable news for body builders is that those effects are primary in fatty tissue.

The research began as a way to determine whether or not changes in the diet can improve the chances of treatment outcomes in women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer or reduce the risk of breast cancer. In the breast cancer victim, estradio can cause those cells to proliferate much more rapidly. Treatment includes drugs which will inhibit estradiol. Vitamin D has long been known to block the alpha estradiol receptors. Physicians and researchers needed to determine whether or not it could also lower the production of estradiol.

In order to ascertain whether or not vitamin D could accomplish what they hoped, the researchers used laboratory micewhich had been implanted with human cancer cells. They were given two separate drugs on a daily basis. The mice which were treated with calcitriol showed a marked reduction in instance of estradiol.

Lower levels of estradiol mean that fat cells are unable to grow readily and as such, they will shrink more rapidly. As a general rule of thumb, we typically have amounts of vitamin D in our bodies which are less than the optimal level. Body builders can get a very positive effect from the nutritional supplements they take such as aromatase inhibitors by adding another supplement containing extra amounts of vitamin D.

Additionally athletes who have a little more vitamin D in their bodies seem to perform much better than those who do not.(1) Research shows that those athletes who undergo very heavy workouts on a regular basis could stand a higher amount of vitamin D. The amount which they received from their daily diet or even a regular supplement was simply not enough to give them peak performance. The amounts of vitamin D which we have in our bodies is simply not enough due to the fact that many of us do not spend adequate amounts of time in the sunshine.

This constitutes another very good reason for the use of vitamin D supplements on a regular basis.

1.Athletes who take vitamin D perform better

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