• Splenius capitis muscle

    Image by/from modified by Uwe Gille The splenius capitis (/ˈspliːniəs ˈkapɪtɪs/) (from Greek splenion, meaning ‘bandage’, and Latin caput, meaning ‘head’) is a broad, straplike...

  • Semispinalis muscles

    Image by/from modified by Uwe Gille The semispinalis muscles are a group of three muscles belonging to the transversospinales. These are the semispinalis capitis, the...

  • Facial muscles

    Image by/from Henry Vandyke Carter The facial muscles are a group of striated skeletal muscles supplied by the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) that, among...

  • Sternocleidomastoid muscle

    Image by/from Image:Gray385.png modified by Uwe Gille The sternocleidomastoid muscle is one of the largest and most superficial cervical muscles. The primary actions of the...

  • Rhomboid minor muscle

    Image by/from modified by Uwe Gille In human anatomy, the rhomboid minor is a small skeletal muscle on the back that connects the scapula with...

  • Internal intercostal muscles

    Image by/from Anatomography The internal intercostal muscles (intercostales interni) are a group of skeletal muscles located between the ribs. They are eleven in number on...

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