• Facial muscles

    Image by/from Henry Vandyke Carter The facial muscles are a group of striated skeletal muscles supplied by the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII) that, among...

  • Scalene muscles

    Image by/from User:Mikael Häggström The scalene muscles are a group of three pairs of muscles in the lateral neck, namely the anterior scalene, middle scalene,...

  • Trapezius

    Image by/from WikiMedia Commons Medial one-third of superior nuchal line External occipital protuberance Ligamentum nuchae T1-T12 spine The trapezius is a large paired surface muscle...

  • Rhomboid minor muscle

    Image by/from modified by Uwe Gille In human anatomy, the rhomboid minor is a small skeletal muscle on the back that connects the scapula with...

  • Nuchal fascia

    Image by/from Mikael Häggström. When using this image in external works, it may be cited as: Häggström, Mikael (2014). “Medical gallery of Mikael Häggström 2014“....

  • Latissimus dorsi muscle

    Image by/from OpenStax College The latissimus dorsi (/ləˈtɪsɪməs ˈdɔːrsaɪ/) is a large, flat muscle on the back that stretches to the sides, behind the arm,...

  • Adductor hallucis muscle

    Image by/from Image:Gray445.png modified by Uwe Gille The Adductor hallucis (Adductor obliquus hallucis) emerges by 2 heads– oblique and transverse and is in charge of...

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