Increase Anabolic Hormones with Magnesium Supplements

Study showing the benefits of taking Magnesium and how it can increase anabolic hormones in men.


Researchers at the University Hospital of Parma published a study in the International Journal of Andrology, which examined the effect of Magnesium on Hormone levels of almost 400 men over the age of 65. The results of the study demonstrated that the higher the concentration of magnesium was in the men the higher the concentrations of testosterone and IGF-1. 
This result should be no real surprise to those in the bodybuilding and fitness world, as we have known about ZMA and have been using it successfully for years now to boost testosterone with simply some zinc and magnesium. This study just further strengthens the case for adding a good magnesium supplement to your supplement regime. 

In the study mentioned above done by the researchers at the University Hospital of Parma they looked at the levels of IGF-1 and testosterone in the blood of the elderly men in their study (>65) The pictures attached to this article show the Testosterone and IGF-1 levels in the mens’ blood. As you can see from the graphs the results and increases in IGF-1 and testosterone are significant. 

The researchers theorize that the increase in the anabolic hormones is due to a sparing effect of the hormones as opposed to an actual increase in production of these hormones by the body. The researchers think that the magnesium increases anti-oxidant activity and effectiveness thus sparing these hormones from being damaged by free radicals. 

The thing that is not mentioned in the study is whether or not the men in the study were deficient in magnesium prior to commencing the study. It would be interesting to see if this study would yield the same results in younger men or even healthy athletes. I would suspect that magnesium would still yield some anabolic hormone improvements but perhaps not to the same degree seen in the elderly men. I am basing this on the effectiveness of ZMA as a hormone boosting supplement in healthy athletes. 

As mentioned above Magnesium is nothing new for the fitness world, and the fact that it increases anabolic hormones is also nothing new, but at least now we have yet another solid study to back up the case for including it in your supplement regiment. 


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